We’ve launched our 2013 Short Story competition.

Click here for details on this year’s competition and for more information on how you can submit your entry!

The winner of last year’s competition, Sarah Reynolds, had a few words to share on her experiences…


“Winning the competition really boosted my confidence as a writer and re-fuelled my determination to keep going. The festival itself was a lovely experience, so well organised, the atmosphere everywhere was terrific and the writers’ events inspirational to me both as an aspiring writer and a reader. It’s surreal and delightful to see your heroes sauntering about the streets of Stirling.

I’d particularly appreciate it if I can say a huge thank you to Alex Gray for her advice and encouragement – I’m working on a novel at the moment.

If anyone out there is swithering about writing, just get your head down and do it, there isn’t any other way. It’s scary, but if you don’t go, then you’ll never know.

All the best to all of you, and roll on September…”

– Sarah Reynolds, winner of Bloody Scotland short story competition 2012