When Glencairn Crystal Studio asked if it was possible, as part of their sponsorship of both the Bloody Scotland Debut Crime Book of the Year and the McIlvanney Prize for the Scottish Crime Book of the Year for a short story to be created the four shortlisted authors for the debut prize were approached. Along with Gordon Brown (Morgan Cry), author and one of the Bloody Scotland founding directors, the challenge to all five was simple – write a crime short story. After a quick Zoom meeting it was decided the best way to do this was for one writer, Marion, to kick off and once she had written a thousand or so words she passed it to Deborah and like a very slow relay race the baton was passed to Francine, Stephen and finally to Gordon. With a little spit and polish and the editorial help of Noor Sufi (Commissioning Editor of Crime & Thrillers at Hodder & Stoughton) and Laura Jones (Bloody Scotland board member and co-founder of award winning publishing house 404 Ink), One With the Glass was born. Sponsored by The Glencairn Glass with match funding from Culture & Business Fund Scotland – we hope you enjoy it.

Read the story on the website here or download via the buttons below.