What happened to the Picts when the Vikings arrived? Why are the place names and dialect so distinctive? What is unique about the fauna, the landscape, the weather? Shetland is a place full of mysteries and surprises. An island of stories stretching back into the mists of time.

Every hillside, every bay, every street has a history, natural and human, and it’s there for you to discover. If it’s the Vikings that interest you, Shetland has some of the best-preserved ruins in the world at Jarlshof. And the award-winning Shetland Museum and Archives has a plethora of displays and information that will open up a different world for you.

Perhaps you are fascinated by nature and wildlife. In which case there are hundreds of miles of unspoilt coastline to explore. You can go birdwatching and whalewatching, and if you’re lucky you’ll spot an otter or two. In the summer, when there are only a few hours of darkness, the landscape is carpeted with wild flowers. And on one island there’s a flower that you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

Shetlanders are friendly, outgoing people who are renowned for their hospitality. They are proud of their islands and will help you to make the best of your trip. They may even let you in on one or two of Shetland’s secrets.

Visit Shetland at any time of year and you’ll be enchanted by the rugged beauty of the landscape. The place where Scotland meets Scandinavia and the North Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Whether arriving for the first time or returning you can be sure of a great welcome.

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