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Four crime writers are to Carry on Sleuthing in a Glasgow bookshop in April.

Best-selling author Caro Ramsay (Absolution, The Tears of Angels) will be joined by BBC Radio Scotland’s Theresa Talbot (Penance) and fellow authors Michael J. Malone (Beyond the Rage, Bad Samaritan) and Douglas Skelton (Open Wounds, Blood City) to play the entire cast of the mystery.

Skelton said: “It’s in the format of a radio play, which means we don’t need to learn any lines. Frankly, we’ll be struggling enough with the different characters!”

Caro Ramsay, whose new book Rat Run will be published later in the month, said: “If you only see one comedy mystery radio play performed in a bookshop, then this is the one. Maybe the only one.”

There is a real mystery for the audience to solve, they say. All the clues are presented amid a barrage of bad jokes and one-liners.

“Some of them may even be funny,” said Theresa Talbot.

Michael J Malone said the event should be great fun.

“But I plan to have a drink or two first,” he said. “For medicinal purposes, you understand.”

Carry on Sleuthing can be seen in Waterstones’ Argyle Street store at 7pm on Friday April 8. The event is free but please call the store on 0141 248 4814 as space is limited.