Bloody Scotland author Catriona McPherson is launching her new novel Dandy Gilver and a Deadly Measure of Brimstone next week. The launch event is taking place at 6.30pm on Wednesday 17 July at Waterstone’s, Edinburgh George Street.

We can’t wait to make a trip to Auld Reekie for it! A little about the new book to keep you going until then…

‘Gilverton is under siege – plagued by influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia and pleurisy – so Dandy Gilver decides that it’s time to relocate her family and install some central heating, and maybe solve a murder whilst she’s at it. What could be a more perfect place than the Laidlaw Hydropathic Hotel, offering cures for all matters of ills, as well as a recent unexplained death?

Off to Moffat the Gilvers go with household staff on board, as well as Dandy’s ever-loyal sidekick Alec. And all is very much not as it seems. A secretive doctor, and her flamboyant brother – as well as a host of glamorous young things and a whole lot of ghost hunters – all seem determined to get in Dandy and Alec’s way. And the Hotel seems to have a dual personality, transforming from a hydro hospital in the day to something much more debauched at night.

It is the locked room in the Turkish baths that is causing Dandy most concern. Why does it make the hydro staff so uneasy? And what is that moving through the steam?

The case hots up – as does Dandy every time she has to go in the steam room – but it seems that she may have finally gone too far, and put the lives of her family, and of her faithful maid Grant, at risk. And as if the case couldn’t get any more complicated, it seems that Alec might be finally falling in love…’