First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who organised, volunteered and attended Bloody Scotland 2021. You made the festival an incredible experience, and we are so thankful.

One of the joys of a hybrid festival is that it continues well after the weekend! All of our events will be available to view (or re-watch!) until the 30th Sept, and you can still get your tickets here.

We’ve put together a list of all the books that were discussed or read from over the weekend. Consider this your ultimate to-read list!

Bloody Scotland 2021 Authors


Liam McIlvanney The Quaker

ES Thomson Nightshade

Steve Cavanagh The Devil’s Advocate

Jo Nesbo

Jo Nesbo The Jealousy Man

Crimes of Many Colours

Ewan Morrison How to Survive Everything

Alan Parks The April Dead

William McIntyre Bad Debt

Sharon Bairden Sins of the Father

Bloody Scotland Prizes

Robbie Morrison Edge of the Grave

Alan Parks The April Dead

Emma Christie The Silent Daughter

Craig Russell Hyde

Stuart MacBride The Coffinmaker’s Garden

Mark Wightman Waking the Tiger

AJ Liddle No Harm Done

Ian Rankin – The Dark Remains

Ian Rankin & William McIlvanney The Dark Remains

Shocking Twists and Big Reveals

Kia Abdullah Next of Kin

Louise Candlish The Heights

Alex Knight Darkness Falls

Stuart Neville The House of Ashes

Kathy Reichs

Kathy Reichs The Bone Code

Murder, Polis

Marion Todd What They Knew

Neil Lancaster Dead Man’s Grave

Margaret Kirk In the Blood

James Oswald What Will Burn

Douglas Skelton A Rattle of Bones

Forensic Investigations

Lin Anderson The Killing Tide

Elly Griffiths The Midnight Hour

Chris Merritt The New Home

The Alanna Knight Historical Panel

S.G. MacLean The House of Lamentations

ES Thomson Nightshade

Douglas Watt A Killing in Van Diemen’s Land

The Body Politic

Alan Johnson The Late Train to Gipsy Hill

Robert Peston The Whistleblower

Searching for a Home

Sarah Hilary Fragile

Imran Mahmood I Know What I Saw

Tim Sullivan The Dentist

Secrets and Spies

Mick Herron Slough House

Charlotte Philby The Second Woman

Simon Conway The Saboteur

Alex Gray’s New Crimes

Alex Gray Before the Storm

Bernard O’Keefe The Final Round

Lara Thompson One Night, New York

Rahul Raina How To Kidnap The Rich

Inga Vesper The Long, Long Afternoon

Around the World in 80 Deaths

Claudia Piñeiro Elena Knows

David Heska Wanbli Weiden Winter Counts

Sergei Lebedev Untraceable

Femi Kayode The Light Seekers

And Then There Were Three

Elle Connel Down by the Water

Susi Holliday The Last Resort

CL Taylor Sleep

Killer Bs

Mark Billingham Rabbit Hole

Christopher Brookmyre The Cut

The Science of Murder

Jim Fraser Murder Under the Microscope

Richard Taylor The Mind of a Murderer

Val McDermid

Val McDermid 1979

Pitch Black Humour

Doug Johnstone The Big Chill

JD Kirk Ahead of the Game

Antti Tuomainen The Rabbit Factor

Stephen King and Linwood Barclay

Linwood Barclay Find You First

Stephen King Later (Hard Case Crime) / Billy Summers

Nordic Noir

Heidi Amsinck My Name is Jensen

Eva Bjorg Aegisdottir Girls Who Lie

Lilja Sigurdardóttir Cold as Hell

Red Hot Chilli Writers and Guests

Abir Mukherjee Death in the East

Vaseem Khan The Dying Day

Stuart Turton The Devil and Dark Water

Anna Mazzola The Story Keeper

From the Cradle to the Grave

Liz Nugent Our Little Cruelties

Stuart MacBride The Coffinmaker’s Garden

Craig Sisterson Southern Cross Crime

Bloody Scottish History

Denise Mina Rizzio

Ambrose Parry A Corruption of Blood

Craig Russell Hyde

Slow Burning Secrets

Paula Hawkins A Slow Fire Burning

Lisa Jewell Invisible Girl

SJ Watson Final Cut

Jonathan Whitelaw Hellcorp

A Mexican Stand Off

Jeanine Cummins American Dirt

Guillermo Arriaga The Untameable

Oscar De Muriel The Dance of the Serpents

A Brother and Child Reunion

Lee Child with Andrew Child Better Off Dead

Morgan Cry Thirty One Bones

Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter False Witness

Louise Welsh No Dominion


Patricia Marques The Colours of Death (opened for Jo Nesbo)

Tariq Ashkanani Welcome to Cooper (opened for Ian Rankin)

Stuart Johnstone Out in the Cold (opened for Kathy Reichs)

Ann Bloxwich What Goes Around (opened for Lin Anderson and Elly Griffiths)

Sarah Sultoon The Source (opened for Alan Johnstone and Robert Peston)

Anna Bailey Tall Bones (opened for Secrets and Spies)

Abigail Dean Girl A (opened for Around the World in 80 Deaths)

Tina Baker Call Me Mummy (opened for Killer Bs)

Emma Haughton The Dark (opened for Val McDermid)

Danny Leigh Marshall Anthrax Island (opened for Stephen King and Linwood Barclay)

James Cairns McMahon Parallax (opened for The Red Hot Chilli Writers)

Ewan Gault The Most Distant Way (opened for Liz Nugent and Stuart MacBride)

Lynne McEwan In Dark Water (opened for Bloody Scottish History)

Alan Gillespie The Mash House (opened for Slow Burning Secrets)

George Colkitto A Dish Served Cold (opened for A Mexican Stand Off)

Mark Findlay Smith What He Never Said (opened for Lee and Andrew Child)

Sarah Goodwin Stranded (opened for Karin Slaughter)

A-Z of Crime Guests

Megan Abbott The Turnout

DV Bishop City of Vengeance

Ajay Chowdhury The Waiter

Sharon Dempsey Who Took Eden Mulligan?

Fiona Erskine Phosphate Rocks

Mick Finlay Arrowood and the Meeting House Murders

Ryan Gattis The System

Mari Hannah Without a Trace

Matthew Iden Chasing the Pain

Ed James Before She Wakes

Erin Kelly Watch Her Fall

Gytha Lodge Lie Beside Me

Saima Mir The Khan

Charlotte Northedge The House Guest

Stephen O’Rourke The Crown Agent

Christoffer Petersen The Ice Whisper

Matthew Quirke Hour of the Assasin

Rod Reynolds Black Reed Bay

Trisha Sakhlecha Can You See Me Now?

Russ Thomas Nighthawking

Lisa Unger Last Girl Ghosted

Sarah Vaughan Reputation

Chris Whitaker The Forevers

Richard Osman The Thursday Murder Club

Susie Yang White Ivy

Anne Zouroudi (Erin Kinsley) Missing