Our very own Alex Gray has a book launch this week. If you’re within striking distance of Glasgow on Thursday, why not drop in to Waterstones at 6pm? Or failing that, catch her on her a mini tour of Scotland.

Full details here.

When DCI Lorimer is faced with not one, but two serial killers operating at once in Glasgow, it feels like his worst nightmare has come true. With two such different sets of crimes, there appears to be no link between the killers – just a lot of bloodshed in the city. But something about these crimes just doesn’t add up in Lorimer’s eyes – could there after all be some connection between the brutal slaying of prostitutes in Glasgow’s backstreets and the methodical killing of several unconnected businessmen?And the pressure is really turned on Lorimer and psychologist Solly Brightman when the next murder is that of a prominent politician. With intense media scrutiny focused on his investigation, he is in desperate need of a break-through. Especially when someone within his team is unwittingly sabotaging their efforts by leaking confidential police information, at a time when information is the most important currency of all: a matter of life and death…

As the freezing winter weather grips Glasgow, two killers are relentlessly taking lives in cold blood. For Lorimer, time is running out.

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