Sara Sheridan photo cred Martins MelecisAre you an Agatha Christie fan or just a fan of crime writing? If so then there’s a reading workshop in Falkirk you might like to know about. Hosted through the Edinburgh book festival, in this one-off event you will investigate a murder in The Study with author Sarah Sheridan leading the way. This workshop will look at Agatha Christie’s Sleepin Murder: Miss Marple’s Last Case.

Set in the 1930s and published posthumously, the novel sees Miss Marple aid a newlywed couple returning to England to set up home in an old house on the south coast. As the house becomes increasingly and strangely familiar, Marple seeks to uncover dark events from the young wife’s past, refusing to let a sleeping murder lie.

A treat for all armchair sleuths, expect an open discussion from the start: you can either read the book ahead of the event or be inspired to pick it up afterwards.

The workshop will take place in ‘The Study’ in Falkirk on Saturday 14 May.

For ages 14+

Book your tickets by using the link below.