World at War: Stephen Ronson, Douglas Jackson and Mandy Robotham £9/£8

World War Two is the setting for these three evocative crime novels, each rich in colour and crackling with atmosphere. The disappearance of young girl evacuees leads to the discovery of a conspiracy with links to the highest echelons of society in Stephen Ronson’s The Last Line. In 1939 Warsaw, a double agent shunned as a Nazi collaborator, must uncover a serial killer in Douglas Jackson’s brilliantly harrowing crime debut Blood Roses. International bestseller Mandy Robotham’s The Hidden Storyteller centres on the emotive hunt for a killer amidst the dark underbelly of the bombed-out ruins of Hamburg in 1946. 

Author Douglas Skelton will chair this event. 

Saturday 14th September, 14:30, Trinity Church.

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