Toxic: Tove Alsterdal, Ajay Close and Araminta Hall £9/£8

Misogyny and toxic masculinity lie at the heart of three daring, important crime novels from authors with the storytelling skills to voice the fears and rage of a generation – and generations before them. 

Long-buried memories and uncomfortable family truths are dredged up alongside a body from a Swedish river in Tove Alsterdal’s disturbing thriller Deep Harbour. Ajay Close’s powerful What Doesn’t Kill Us packs an emotional punch as a killer stalks the streets and women fight back in 1970s Leeds. One of the Good Guys is Araminta Hall’s fearless, groundbreaking exploration of aggressive masculinity wrapped up in a murderous tale. 

The author and podcaster Zoe Venditozzi will chair this event. 

Saturday 14th September, 17:30, Trinity Church.

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