How tartan is the new noir?

Think of things associated with Scotland and of course tartan is near the top of the list. But now there’s a new pattern being woven into the landscape. One that you don’t wear as a kilt or a shawl but a proud badge of honour on your bookshelves. Tartan Noir is of course something that anyone who loves Scottish crime writers and crime fiction set in Scotland will already know about. But did you know just how intricate the pattern of this tartan actually is?

If Tartan Noir were a picnic rug, it would be rich, intricately woven with dark threads running through it that you can’t always see immediately. It might look lovely but get closer and it’s coarse and unforgiving, with ragged edges that draw you in. Spend a time on the rug and before you know it, it’s wrapped itself around you, nice and tight. That’s it. Tartan Noir has got you in its grasp.

Enjoy your picnic…

Something quirky and tasty?

Matt BendorisMatt Bendoris - Glasgow (on Booktrails)

If you like your quirky cities, then Matt Bendoris’ Glasgow is THE place to go. Matt knows the city like the back of his hand in his role of an award winning Scottish Sun journalist. Latest novel Wicked Leaks, inspired by WikiLeaks and the Edward Snowden revelations is the sequel to DM for Murder, a twitter inspired murder fest. He even wrote it on his Blackberry for goodness sake. Art imitating life etc. Genius really. It’s the Scottish wit which also packs a side splitting punch.

Glasgow grit in your sandwiches?

Bill DalyBill Daly - Glasgow (on Booktrails)

Bill Daly’s Character Charlie Anderson is Glasgow Personified. He’s gritty, hard core and takes no nonsense. I would have said prisoners but then that’s his job as DCI. From his patch centered around Pitt Street station, he knows his city and you feel every footstep as he pounds the streets looking for the bad guys. Glasgow is his stomping ground but he does get a bit further afield when an investigation takes him across to Port Glasgow.

But whilst you can take the guy out of Glasgow, you can’t take Glasgow out of the guy. Not that I’d want to, role on book four!

A taste for heights?

Neil BroadfootNeil Broadfoot - Edinburgh (on Booktrails)

The Scott Monument in the middle of the city is famous for being a top tourist attraction and literary heritage marker. It’s the largest monument to a writer in the world and commemorates Sir Walter Scott.

However, if you go with Neil Broadfoot, it takes on a much more sinister appearance in Falling Fast. The city is awash with politicians and tourists   - two of the very aspects Edinburgh is known for. Edinburgh’s position as capital city where national newspapers are based is brought into key relief as a city of bustling excitement so by the time they get to Skye in The Storm, Neil’s taken us on quite a journey.

A wee dram to finish?

Aline-TempletonAline Templeton - Dumfries and Galloway (on Booktrails)

This is the woman who has not only Dumfries and Galloway on the literary map but her unique version of it. The village of Kirckluce is fictional but there is a Glenluce and plenty other villages in and around the area which have more than a starring role. And it’s the essence of the place which is infused onto each and every page.

Aline writes about small town Scotland - local development in Lamb to the Slaughter and Scottish folklore in the Third Sin. It’s this picture of a rich and varied landscape and cultural landscape that she paints so well.

So you see, Tartan Noir is a rich and varied tapestry with something for everyone. Four iconic writers in this panel alone but imagine what you find when you start digging into their back catalogue? Probably a body or two knowing this lot. Well it is Tartan Noir at Bloody Scotland after all!

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