Immoral Dilemmas: Jack Jordan, Andrew Hunter Murray and Nilesha Chauvet£9/£8

Is it okay to do bad things to bad people? Do the most satisfying ends justify the most terrible means? Meet three terrific authors who expertly toy with our moral compasses. 

Jack Jordan’s darkly emotional Redemption seethes with his trademark moral dilemmas as a mother is hell-bent on revenge for her son’s hit-and-run death. Andrew Hunter Murray’s A Beginner’s Guide to Breaking and Entering takes a hilarious and murderous look at the inequities of the housing market. In Nilesha Chauvet’s absorbing The Revenge of Rita Marsh, Rita poses online as young girls to snare the men who prey on them. 

The author and podcaster Zoe Venditozzi will chair this event. 

Saturday 14th September, 16:00, Trinity Church.

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