Tooth for a Tooth by T.F. Muir

September 6th sees the launch of the the third in T.F. (Frank) Muir’s DCI Gilchrist series, Tooth for a Tooth. Here’s the low-down:

St. Andrews, Scotland:  When a woman’s skeleton is discovered in a shallow grave with a crushed skull, DCI Andy Gilchrist is tasked with finding her killer.

But a psychic’s warnings, and markings on a rusted cigarette lighter found in the rotted remains, set Gilchrist off on a trail that will take him 35 years back to his past, and on course to find the driver of his brother’s fatal hit-and-run accident.

When dental records from an extracted tooth, and a computer generated image of the woman’s skull, force Gilchrist to confront the unthinkable – that his brother was a killer – he keeps his fears to himself, only to be suspended on suspicion of destroying evidence.

But Gilchrist battles on alone in his quest for answers.  Who was the woman?  Why was she murdered?  Was the fatal hit-and-run really an accident?  Or did his brother commit suicide, unable to live with the burden of his murderous actions?

Fearful of the final outcome, Gilchrist is torn between right and wrong.  To salvage his own career at the cost of his brother’s memory, should he expose the truth?

Or leave it buried among the lies of the past?

Here are those all-important links:

Paperback: Amazon UK | Waterstones

Kindle: Amazon UK | Amazon US

You can see Frank in person during Bloody Scotland in the Fresh Blood event, along with Sara Sheridan, Anna Smith, John Gordon Sinclair and Gordon Brown. And if you’re in Glasgow on September 6th, why not get along to Frank’s book launch? It’s at 6pm at Waterstones Sauchiehall St.