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What’s Life Like Inside?: Andy West and Angela Kirwin – Watch Online

Saturday 17th September from 12:00 pm Thursday 6th October from 11:30 pm Watch Online

£5 Please note that this digital event will be available live and will also be available to view up to (and including) Thursday the 6th October.

Andy West’s father, uncle and brother all spent time behind bars. Andy has chosen a different path – he teaches philosophy in prisons – but still fears their fate will also be his. In The Life Inside he offers an insight into our fractured justice system and the truth about the complex lives being lived inside. Former social care worker Angela Kirwin spent over a decade witnessing the best and worst of humanity inside our prisons. In Criminal: How Our Prisons Are Failing Us All she talks about the men she met in there and why she believes the system simply doesn’t work.