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To Hell and Back– Historical True Crime: Thomas Morris, Susan Jonusas and David Bushman – Watch Online

Saturday 17th September from 3:00 pm Thursday 6th October from 11:30 pm Watch Online

£5 Please note that this digital event will be available live and will also be available to view up to (and including) Thursday the 6th October.

Truth, ‘tis said, is stranger than fiction. In three remarkable books of historical true crime, it’s not only stranger but every bit as shocking as its fictional counterparts. The Dublin Railway Murder by Thomas Morris has it all. A locked room; the victim in a pool of blood; an untouched safe; and celebrated sleuths from Scotland Yard. Hell’s Half Acre by Susan Jonusas recounts a horrifying tale from the American frontier when countless bodies are found beneath an orchard, victims of a family of serial killers. David Bushman’s Murder at Teal Pond reinvestigates the brutal, baffling murder of Hazel Drew which inspired the TV series Twin Peaks. The event will be chaired by Zoe Venditozzi.