Dark Islands: George Paterson, Liz Webb and Claire McGowan £9/£8

Islands are different; and those who live there are shaped differently because of it. For crime writers, islands are usefully isolated, strange, and offer no way out. Meet three who have brilliantly exploited remote Scottish island settings for their own dark ends. George Paterson’s thrilling Westerwick is a masterful, yet macabre exploration of the twisted mind of island-born serial killer Angus John MacMillan. Secrets, lies and bodies all wash up on secluded shores in Liz Webb’s relentlessly tense new novel The Saved. Truth, Truth, Lie is a killer premise and the deadliest game as Claire McGowan takes old friends to a private island.

Author Marsali Taylor will chair this event. 

Friday 13th September, 17:45, Holy Trinity Church

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