Classics Revisited: Gareth Rubin, Jessica Bull and Barbara Havelocke £9/£8

Take the world’s greatest detective, the daughter of the world’s most famous jilted bride, and a literary superstar turned sleuth, and you have all the ingredients for a classic crime fiction panel. Gareth Rubin’s dazzling Holmes and Moriarty sees Conan Doyle’s great adversaries face up to a fiendish foe with their lives on the line. Estella’s Revenge by Barbara Havelocke is a captivating reimagining of Great Expectations as Miss Havisham’s troubled daughter embraces the darkness within her. In Jessica Bull’s sparkling Miss Austen Investigates, young Jane uses her sharp wits to uncover the killer and clear her beloved brother Georgy.

Kemper Donovan, author of The Busy Body, will chair this session.

Saturday 14th September, 11:30, Trinity Church.

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