It’s not Bloody Scotland without showcasing new crime writing talent in the Crime in the Spotlight slots and 2020 is no different, even online.

We welcome this year’s spotlighters, who will be reading a little from their latest books ahead of some of our events this year.

With thanks to the Open University Scotland for sponsoring Crime in the Spotlight.

Please welcome…

Karen Hamilton

Karen will be reading from The Last Wife.

She will be supporting Jeffery Deaver at 8pm, Friday 18th September

Kate Simants

Kate will be reading from A Ruined Girl.

She will be supporting The Fun Lovin’ Crime Writers at 9:25pm, Friday 18th September

Sam Lloyd

Sam will be reading from The Memory Wood.

He will be supporting Professor Dame Sue Black at 12pm, Saturday 19th September

Leela Soma

Leela will be reading from Murder at the Mela.

She will be supporting Ann Cleeves and Peter May at 1pm, Saturday 19th September

Helen Sedgwick

Helen will be reading from When the Dead Come Calling.

She will be supporting High Concept Thrills at 2pm, Saturday 19th September

Dugald Bruce-Lockhart

Dugald will be reading from The Lizard.

He will be supporting Five Continents of Crime at 3pm, Saturday 19th September

Stephanie Wrobel

Stephanie will be reading from The Recovery of Rose Gold.

She will be supporting As if Real Life Isn’t Scary Enough at 4pm, Saturday 19th September

D. V. Bishop

D. V. will be reading from City of Vengeance.

He will be supporting Scene to Screen at 5pm, Saturday 19th September

Amer Anwar

Amer will be reading from Stone Cold Trouble.

He will be supporting Ian Rankin and Lawrence Block at 6pm, Saturday 19th September

Emma Christie

Emma will be reading from The Silent Daughter.

She will be supporting the Never-Ending Panel at 11am, Sunday 20th September

Chris McDonald

Chris will be reading from A Wash of Black.

He will be supporting Desert Island Crooks at 3pm, Sunday 20th September

AJ Park

AJ will be reading from The First Lie.

He will be supporting Keep Them Safe at 4pm, Sunday 20th September

Rosie Walker

Rosie will be reading from Secrets of a Serial Killer.

She will be supporting Katherine Ramsland at 5pm, Sunday 20th September

Jenny Quintana

Jenny will be reading from Our Dark Secret.

She will be supporting Step Back in Crime at 6pm, Sunday 20th September

Russ Thomas

Russ will be reading from Firewatching.

He will be supporting Val McDermid and Lee Child at 7pm, Sunday 20th September