AI or Die? Jo Callaghan, Ajay Chowdhury and Katie Ellis-Brown £10/£9

Are rapid advances in artificial intelligence the biggest threat to humanity – or its biggest opportunity? Two authors and a publisher explore the implications for society and books amid the march of the machines. Jo Callaghan, author of the groundbreaking In the Blink of an Eye, has brought her AI detective Locke back in the chilling Leave No Trace. Author Ajay Chowdhury has a background in technology, and his latest novel is the twisty, gripping The Spy. Katie Ellis-Brown will bring an editor’s perspective as the day nears when artificial intelligence proves capable of writing novels. 

The panel will be chaired by Professor Kevin Swingler, an expert in AI from The University of Stirling. 

Saturday 14th September, 14:30, Golden Lion.

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